Alphabet Art
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There is something very simple, yet striking about letters and their shapes. Lately I’ve noticed a bit of alphabet art used in interior spaces, I think there is something super chic and modern about seeing a letter in a frame. It looked very easy to do so I decided to create my own; naturally I used the letter ‘G’. Taking inspiration from found images I noticed the most effective ones were in a bold font, like ‘Arial’ and either filled up all of the frame or were aligned to the top, bottom, or side, never sitting evenly in the middle. Also the bigger the better, I used A3 but I think A2 would be even better!

I created it using Photoshop, but Microsoft Word would work just the same. Got it printed at Warehouse Stationary and a frame from The Warehouse, total cost was just $21. Sitting by its self or grouped with other artwork this versatile piece is a cheap and easy addition to any interior space. See how I styled mine below and also some inspiration from other talented designers.

Greer Garner Alphabet Art

Only Decor Love

Only Decor love 1, Alphabet Art Only Decor love 2, Alphabet Art

Design Lykke

Design Lykke, Alphabet Art Design Lykke 1, Alphabet Art

Pretty Pastels
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Revamped business cards for my sister Jaz. Changing them up from her last ones we have kept the logo the same (written in lipstick) and made the colour palette different shades of pretty pastels. There is something about make-up and pastels that works just great together!

Jaz Garner Business Cards - Pretty Pastel